Empathy is our guiding north star


          We love art, in its many forms. We love making it, producing it and introducing it, to as many receptive audiences as possible.

We believe in doing positive business that promotes enduring partnerships with other businesses and creatives.

We use empathy as our guiding north star, and we seek ever new and more creative ways to explore our empathetic connection with one another, through our common humanity.

We offer services across digital, film, television and other media.

As a creative arts company devoted to expressing empathy in all of its forms, we are committed to the 4Keys: Fair, Honest, Positive and Creative. Perhaps the fastest way to explain the value of the 4Keys is to look at their opposites: unfair, dishonest, negative and destructive.  

In our experience, the 4Keys assist in nurturing trust, nourishing cooperation, fostering creative freedom and respect.

As an example of this in action, our legal contracts are Fair to both sides, Honest in full transparency, Positive in giving ground for a win-win outcome, and Creative in seeking solutions.  They help cultivate future collaborations and relationships.  They are more economical to draft, swifter to complete and provide a fast track for future collaborations.  Both sides save money and become friends.

We believe that respecting the dignity of all those with whom we work and collaborate is not only the right and decent thing to do, it is great for business, builds friendships and is the real meaning of enduring success.  We are carbon neutral as our company’s first step toward sustainability, and we believe that meeting our tax obligations is a corporate duty.

[Please click this link to open our Company Policy to Act Ethically and Sustainably.]

As an artist and activist, I had a desire to start a company and operate it by the principles I’d been urging corporates to do for years – to pay your taxes, treat people with dignity and respect and protect the planet.

As a company and creative team, we strive to be the change that future generations will still regard as Fair, Honest, Positive and Creative. We’re not perfect, but we are constantly evolving and adapting to provide the best entertainment, with the best intentions, in the most empathetic and productive ways that we can. - GDR

‘Obey your instinct to create and love and learn.’ Idriss, TMS page 314